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BQ now has Digital Wanderers Cards

WAAVE your way to better faster service!

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We are live at BQ Bar... go card-less and cashless only with WAAVE

Have you ever forgotten your Membership card at home? Yeah it happens to the best of us!

Now you can attach your card to your WAAVE app and enjoy the perks of being a Wanderers directly from your phone.

How it works:

1. Request your code! Johnny can give you one or email us for extra info You must be a current Wanderer of course.

2. Pop your code in your WAAVE App available on iOS and Android  Here is an example on how to submit your code!

3. You will see your exclusive deals in-app, any item marked with the club's logo is a promo item!

That's it! your order goes to the priority queue and the BQ friendly staff will bring your drinks right to the table. All you have to do is show them the app for order verification.

No checking your tab again, no leaving your cards behind, no splitting bills ... better yet... get your drinks faster!

**For the first two weeks BQ is doing pick up at the bar only, after that we will open the system for table service. Practice makes perfect!

Not a Wanderer? No problem! BQ offers you and exclusive 10% off on your entire bill when you use WAAVE and you pick up your drinks at the bar. (discount does not apply on promotional items)

Did you know that you no longer need to Top Up in advance when you use WAAVE?

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