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Chimichanga Cafe

A cafe you might want to look out for!

Chimichanga is a deep-fried burrito that is popular in Mexican states of Sinaloa and Sonora. Chimichanga is also the NEW cafe in town, right down 36 Dunlop Street. Yes, the only Mexican dive bar in your neighborhood.

Don't let the Ferraris parked in front intimidate you.... the place is super WAAVE credits friendly and the staff is very relaxed... Happens to be that the team behind Chimichanga is the team behind.... well ... about every cool event in Singapore!

Do your part to save the trees cashless is paperless so WAAVE to order and pay!​

Checkin at Chimichanga Cafe in-app, Add your orders into your cart, Pay with WAAVE, Flash your phone to the bartender and Get your drink! Leave your wallets at home and start going cashless.

Want to introduce this cafe to a friend? Send them Drinks through WAAVE to Chimichanga! It would encourage them to go have a drink and maybe this little bar/cafe/late night hangout can be a favorite spot for them thanks to you.

Run out of money in your WAAVE wallet? Top up your credits anytime, anywhere.

Activity > Add Money > Choose Preferred Value

36 Dunlop Street

Singapore 209364

So download the WAAVE app and discover new cool venues to visit next!

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