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Do the Mexican Hat Dance with WAAVE

Hola, Amigos!

WAAVE is a part of Cinco de Mayo Fiesta 2016 this year, so WAAVE your way to your drinks and enjoy being a full-time Mexican for the day! Are you ready to don your ponchos and sombreros and raise a glass of cerveza to celebrate Mexico's rich and colourful history?

Cinco de Mayo is coming to town!

As part of celebrating Cinco de Mayo, dress up in your best Mexican finery; flaunt it, WAAVE for your drinks and Jarabe Tapatio all night long! Make sure you check-in at our venues that are celebrating Cinco de Mayo!

 Mogambo or Hero’s as they are decked out for the Fiesta.

Drink specials abound, with $10 nett Coronas, tequila shots and Jägermeister shots! Remember, those dressed to theme will receive a FREE shot! Leave your wallets at home for the night and WAAVE your orders!

Mogambo and Hero's

Join in this Fiesta with the PERFECT outfit with colours, party-ready fringe, bohemian prints and anything Mexican-Inspired!

  1. You'll get FREE party shots
  2. Jose Cuervo Tequila: 1 for $10, 6 for $50 nett
  3. Margaritas at $12 nett
  4. Tortilla chips with Salsa at $6 nett

Vatos Urban Tacos:
What's a better way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo than with tacos and tequila at Vatos?

  1. Corralejo Reposado Shots (45ml) all night for $10

Draft & Craft:
Show your Cinco de Mayo banner in-app to the staff to enjoy a secret Cinco de Mayo special all night on 5th May 2016!

  1. Tequila shots at $7
  2. Tacos at $5

Bull and Bear:

Join them for 2 nights of all-things-Mexican on the 5th and 6th May from 6pm onwards! Don't forget to bring your Sombrero hats and prepared for party shots!

  1. Tequila Shot 1 for $10nett or 6 for $50nett
  2. Margarita at $12nett
  3. Tortilla Chips with Salsa at $6nett.

Lucha Loco

A different approach to Cinco de Mayo! Instead of going All-Mexican, why not go FUNKY! Join Lucha Loco on their 3rd Annual Disco de Mayo! READ MORE HERE!

  1. Cocktails, Beers and Shot Pairs at $12nett

Head south of the border, sexy Senoritas and studly Senors! We know you won't want to miss Ole with WAAVE!

So download our app and #ridethecashless WAAVE for Cinco de Mayo! 

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