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Craft Beer and Food Pairing

... a new art form...

In preparation for CRAFT Singapore 2016, we embark in a journey through food and beer combinations bringing you tips to enjoy your favorite dishes while discovering the marvelous world of craft brews.
The art of wine pairing has been, so far, the preferred  chat of many (not just the French!) but with craft beer and craft spirits gaining popularity your taste buds are in for a pairing treat.
Bar food meets malty.
Think pizzas, burgers and stewed red meats... those dishes that have been caramelized in the cooking process pair great with a Amber Ale and English Ales. These malty choices complement well with your typical western bar choices but they also thrive next to some local favorites such as char kway teow and mee goreng.
Want a salad with that beer?

Guilt free food like salads and sashimi are highlighted by the light, clean flavors of a Lager or Wheat beers.

So next time you are on a diet save the calories for the liquid portion of your meal. These beers don't over power your raw meal but rather enhance the flavor of them

Burn baby burn!

Have you ever been told that to mitigate the effects of a hot chill you should have a glass of milk? Well... don't "hop" too quickly to that advise and try an Indian Pale Ale (IPA) instead. Hoppy beers like American Pale Ale area perfect pairing for mean curries and Mexican food. The fruity bitterness balances spicy flavors without overpowering them. So next time you are attacking a chili crab, have a cold glass of the right beer with it.

And your BBQ companion is...

If you have to grill with a beer in hand (we completely understand your feelings) pick a Brown Ale. The "nutty-roasted-chocolaty" flavor profile complements any barbecued or smoked meat. Sausages and burgers also go well with this rich beer, but we prefer an Amber Ale with our cheese burger. By all means go brown when you are enjoying chicken wings and satay

For creamy desserts replace your espresso with a Porter or Stout. They say your Kaya toast taste better with a stout! but we haven't tried that combo yet, we'll have to get back to you on that one.
What to expect at CRAFT Singapore
The guys from CRAFT bring us 5 different amazing choices and food styles to combine with the best craft beer in Singapore. 
We hope this short guide helps you navigate the festival better and enjoy blissful pairing in every session.
The Butchers Club, Vatos, Park Bench Deli, Full of Luck Club, and Brewerkz know how to make your taste buds tingle so make sure you try them all. 
WAAVE will be the only cashless payment system available if you want to skip the queue and don't mess around with drink coupons.
You can get your CRAFT Singapore tickets at a special WAAVE price if you buy them in-app.
Download WAAVE and top up you wallet, then tap on venues to search for the tickets. When you arrive at the festival, skip the queue, show your phone at the gate and get you festival wristband.
Remember that we do not have that many $80 tickets left! Each WAAVE ticket comes with $50 in WAAVE credits to use at your chosen craft session.
See you guys there! Come visit us at the WAAVE Games Tent to play Craft Pong or spin the wheel for a chance to win prizes.
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