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Disco Libre

3rd time's a charm for the now legendary Fat Fish at sea parties

Fat Fish presents: Disco Libre

Que pasa senoras y hombres?

This boat party is happening on Saturday, 19th june from 4-10PM, boat is set to sail at 5pm sharp. Ticket comes with a sultry Sangria welcome drink, limited to only a 100 crowd. While the Early Fish tickets are sold out, make sure you grab one for yourself quick!

If it is not obvious enough, Disco Libre is a Fiery Fiesta Funk / Sexy Spanish Salsa / Hot Mexican Mamasitas theme-ed party, make sure you are all dressed up for the occasion. All-mexican food and Drink Promos at $10, Sexy disco Beats with South American flava, given the Fat Fish treatment - a party like no other! 

For the first 30 ladies on board, you will be entitled to a free sexy lipstick from Elevationé by Salvador Dali (worth $57). Don't be discouraged yet gentlemen! Fat Fish is providing everyone free bus service and entry to CANVAS for the after party.

Leave your wallets at home and join the WAAVE at sea!

No more waiting to order or pay, with just a few tap on your phone while you're dancing or chatting up with a few friends, you can get your drinks almost instantly! WAAVE is all about how fast the bartender pours while eliminating the long line at the bar. 

Paying with WAAVE means that you don't need to take out your wallet or process your credit card, you only need to flash your phone at the bartender. Spend more time having fun and less worrying about your heavy pocket.

Marina South Pier

31 Marina Coastal Drive

Singapore 018988

So download the WAAVE app and #ridethecashlessWAAVE

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