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Dog-Friendly Bars and Restaurants in Singapore

WAAVE with your pooch

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This post was updated on September 3rd!

"The average dog is a nicer person than the average person"

-Andy Rooney (60 minutes)

Dog owners rejoice! You can take your puppy with you when you WAAVE at these venues


Eggs every way possible are on the menu and at Hatched in Holland Village you can bring your dog along for the experience.

Grab one of the outdoor tables and WAAVE your order in, they will even bring a bowl of fresh water for your best friend.


267 Holland Avenue, Singapore 278989

Table Service and Takeaway with WAAVE

Kult Kafe

Any day of the week is a doggy day at Kult Kafe. Come hang out on the lawn or share one of the picnic tables, they together some awesome events as well so take note cause your pet is always welcome no matter how large the crowd.

Events coming up: Sunday on the Hill, Sunday, Sept 3rd no ticket needed! followed by BEERlicious September 16th and 17th get your Early Bird Tickets Here

11D Upper Wilkie Road

Pick up at the Bar with WAAVE

Tanjong Beach Club

Your dog loves the water. You hate getting him in an Uber when he is all wet... let's compromise here... he gets to jump in the water and you get to enjoy a bucket or beers at Tanjong Beach Club while he dries off in the sun. Deal?

You can WAAVE at TBC, and get faster service. This venue changes format during event times so expect to pick up at the bar when they are super busy.


120 Tanjong Beach Walk

Service Type varies


I think we said it 100 times but have you seen the menu at Malthouse? Craft Beer paradise with a fast rotation of kegs on a very busy wall... and the food... the food is actually very very nice. We like Mussels Wednesday and now you have Brunch to add on to the options over the weekend, this place is becoming a 7-days-a-week destination for East Coasters.

Tables are numbered and they are masters at the art of WAAVE table service. You can hang out with your puppy outside, the awning will protect you both from unexpected weather.


685 E Coast Rd

Table Service, Pick up at the Bar and Takeaway with WAAVE


Jag's is just now launching on WAAVE but we already love their laid back attitude and overall chillness. This is the kind of place that you stumble upon while you are walking your dog and subsequently derails you for a couple of hours, in a good way!

Take advantage of the doggy-friendly outdoor area and don't judge yourself too harshly if you find yourself indulging in a cold beer before lunch time on a Saturday!

922 E Coast Rd

Table Service and Pick up at the Bar.


Doggy friendly spot perfect for weekend lunches, tons of room to go for a walk with you pet. PLUS if you are into golf you can hit balls at the driving range and get your order delivered to you with WAAVE... don't miss a single swing! *Careful: dogs + golf probably not a good combo :)

60 Fairways Dr, Singapore 286966

Table Service and Bay Service available

Visit these venues and go cashless, we help you get faster service and better deals all over Singapore!

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