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Fuego Farmers Market runs on WAAVE

No cash, no need to look for an ATM... #WAAVE4it

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FUEGO is back @ Mapletree Business City 24-27th August

Best thing ever: When really cool markets start popping up all over the city bringing you amazing products and crafts

Worst thing ever: Walking a mile looking for an ATM cause you ran out of cash and you just want to keep shopping!

WAAVE is lending it's technology to the guys folks at FUEGO Farmers Market. Allowing them to sell their products accepting all credit cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay and PayPal without having to get any hardware or even need a wifi connection!

This means that all you have to do it download the app from your app store and register with WAAVE it takes no time and you will be ready to shop in under 5 minutes!

If you have Apple Pay or Android Pay, you don't even need to link your credit card you are immediately ready to go!

WAAVE is accepted all over town at some of the best bars and restaurants in Singapore. It is also the #1 app for cashless events.... and even off the grid markets!

All your favorite activities in one app. #RidethecashlessWAAVE

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