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Have a drink on us!

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Celebrating 139,205 drinks ordered and paid on WAAVE

WAAVE grows and expands all over the island, and our users have all to do with this success. Today we celebrate 139,205 drinks sold with the app... yayyyyy!

To give a massive thanks to our users we have placed a DRINK ON US in 20 venues around town... that means that if you REALLY want to explore you can have 20 FREE drinks ... has there ever been a better excuse to visit new venues than this?


How to claim your drink?

Show up at any of the participating venues and add the freebie drink to your cart, tap to order and the staff will bring it to you...

Each venue will surprise you with a different drink! all you need to do is go explore with WAAVE

Make sure you have the latest version of the app....

Do you have a favorite bar or restaurant that could really use some WAAVE service? If you are looking for faster service at a specific venue let us know which one! Include your name and we will be happy to send you $20 WAAVE credits as soon as it is live on WAAVE!

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