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HINDS Live in Singapore

Hottest indie band of 2016

It's no secret that WAAVE has been on about drinking and partying and this time, we are excited to be a part of a gig at Kult Kafe with one of the hottest indie band! WAAVE is involved for HINDS debut stage here in Singapore on the 11th May 2016. See more details HERE...

HINDS, with thirty sold-out shows on their UK/European tour and a US tour that kicked off with a sold out show NYC Bowery Ballroom, tickets were gone a month before! No girl group in recent years has caused the furore that HINDS has, their ramshackle, youthful energy and couldn’t give a f**k attitude was clearly what the world was waiting for.

With that being said, we are predicting a huge crowd for this fantastic band at Kult Kafe. We can't help but remind you that there will be long queues for drinks at the bar. If you are not  fan of waiting just to purchase a glass of beer or mixer, WAAVE is available at Kult Kafe!

All you need to do after downloading the app is Top Up your WAAVE wallet! Here's how;

Activity -> Add New Payment Method (for new WAAVE users) -> 

Add Money -> Choose Preferred Value to top up -> DONE

Once you have credits in your WAAVE wallet, you can now start purchasing your order! Checkin at Kult Kafe and choose your drinks in their daily menu. You can then go to your cart in-app and proceed to pay with WAAVE. 

Download the app to get your drinks faster and don't wait to pay! #ridethecashlessWAAVE

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