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How to keep up with the world of CRAFT - 5 Tips that will help you discover a new world

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CRAFT Beer is everywhere and these days it is your favorite drink! With super cool venues popping up all over the city it is hard to keep up with what's going on and what you should be drinking right now!

Follow these 5 Tips and discover a whole new world!

1. Ask the right person

The staff is always busy and the beer list can be a bit overwhelming but every bar has a "beer guy" Yeah Craft Beer Bars bartenders are for the most part EXPERTS.

You can hear the passion in their voice when they describe their tap selection.

These guys know Beer.

2. Order matters

Funny little taste buds of ours sometimes get overloaded and ruin the good stuff you'll taste next, so good advice is to take it... Oh Yeah, all right... take it easy baby, make it last all night... (Tom Petty is stuck in my head) but yes you get it...don't go the extremes too quickly or you won't taste the in-betweens. Start light and finish strong. There is so much ahead of you when you start with a White Ale...

3. Team up!

If drinking is a social activity, exploring the craft beer world takes it to a new another level! You want to bring your buddies along, each of you can order different beers within a category and find what you like faster.

Many Craft Beer Bars offer beer flights, you can taste smaller serving of 3 or 4 different taps, of course, this can't be done with bottled beers but it is a great start for craft newbies.

4. Remember what you like

A bit like wine, remembering what you like is important and if you learn the key identifiers you will be able to describe it again, perhaps even discovering a new brewery each visit.

As far as your favorites go, WAAVE will remember your most ordered beer at every venue you visit so at least you won't have to search too hard for it!

5. Join the club

Have you heard of the Craft Brew Club? If you are now obsessed with Craft Beer this is the right people to hang out with. Beer lovers, home brewers and distributors they truly have their finger on the pulse of all things craft. Check them out on Facebook 

Their membership gives you discounts at the best Craft Beer Pubs in Singapore and first dibs to tickets to events all over.

If you have a membership you might want to get the WAAVE Digital version of it, so you never miss a discount! Request Digital Membership on WAAVE

Where to WAAVE for craft beer and how to order!

Our HOTTEST Venues for Craft today are:

Freehouse | Malthouse | Five Marbles | KIOSK | Brewhouse so not matter where you are we have your craft needs covered.


Please remember kegs rotates super quick so it is smart to always check the boards before pushing your order through the app.

We have created an Open Item category so you can pick the price level and let the bartender know which beer you would like to try, this comes in handy when the one beer you saw on tap seems to not be in WAAVE yet!

Who to ask for suggestions:

Freehouse: Catch Mike at the bar and he will help you find exactly what you like

Malthouse: You want to tap into Jeremy's knowledge

Brewhouse: Joe will show you the way around their menu

KIOSK: QY runs the place and knows his brews so if you see him buy him a beer and have a chat

Five Marbles: Just Ask Kelvin! He knows his stuff and he is super keen to talk about brews

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