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How to send WAAVE credits

A very popular WAAVE feature explored step-by-step

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You know when you owe a few bucks, not enough to do a bank transfer but you still want to pay it back...? That is when you WAAVE!

Send credits is a very popular WAAVE feature that super user take advantage of... you are not too familiar with the app, you might have missed it completely.

You can send WAAVE credits to anyone on WAAVE, and you can receive them from friends even if they are across the globe!

WAAVE credits need to be used within the WAAVE network and cannot be cashed out they just add to your entertainment budget for the month!

Sending them is super easy and you can select the funding source to be your available WAAVE credits or even your credit card!

  1. Go to FRIENDS, you can tap on the + and search for your friend by name or use Facebook!
  2. Found your friend? Just tap on VIEW to see the WAAVE profile
  3. Select SEND MONEY  
  4. You can send a fixed amount or enter any amount you want, you can change the funding source if you like.
  5. Don't forget to ADD a Message! 

There is no limit on how much you can send!

Fun WAAVE Fact: We once had a user who paid for the rent of his room in WAAVE credits!

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