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How to use WAAVE... to buy ANYTHING...

WAAVE is a Social Mobile Wallet, all you have to do is add credits and you'll be ready to purchase ANYTHING for yourself or to send to friends. 

Explore any of our venues and find out what they have to offer.

You will find Bars, Restaurants, Clubs, Coffee Shops, Pop Markets, Food Trucks, Events and all kinds of interesting vendors.

We are growing fast so expect many surprises to come....

Here are the steps to purchase anything!

If you are looking for tickets to CRAFT Singapore 2016, search the "Venues" screen for PRE SALE CRAFT FESTIVAL TICKETS checkin and pick your session.

At the Event you can skip the queue by showing your receipt to the door staff. (Hint: Your receipts are in your "Activity" screen.

All stalls accept WAAVE credits so you won't need to buy drink tokens either!

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