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Meat and Green

Salad, Wrap or Sandwich the real "have it your way"

If you work in the CBD you are spoilt for choice when it comes to lunch options. 

The usual problem is that you are also in a rush trying to avoid queues, find GOOD food and make it back to the office without breaking too much of a sweat... 

Circular Rd offers a variety of options to keep you coming back for months and most venues are now on WAAVE

Meat and Green is one of the pioneers in cashless payments on the street.. Akhil has bee dishing out some of the best "Today's Specials" of all times... he'll surprise you with culinary inspiration based on fresh ingredients he was able to sourced in the morning.

Pick up at the bar to dine in or select Takeaway if you are in a rush... Just show your WAAVE transaction to collect your order!

Go to your WAAVE app and checkin at Meat and Green to see their daily menu.

1. Pick a protein Pork, Beef, Lamb, Fish or Tofu each one prepared a different way

2. Select Wrap, Sandwich or Salad ... 

3. Pick any add ons and don't forget your drink! (Corona $7 if you feel you need the extra liquid courage to finish your working day)

Make sure you select TAKE AWAY if you want to get your food and run for it... otherwise they have a sitting area outside ideal for people-watching. (Their is a backpackers hotel across the streets that makes for great entertainment!)

Download the app to explore all the WAAVE lunch options (and bars, clubs, coffeeshops, event, pop markets in Singapore that let you #RIDETHECASHLESSWAAVE

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