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New Features on WAAVE

A bit of AI and a new way to WAAVE

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If you don't know what you want, WAAVE does!

WAAVE is getting smarter! In fact the more you WAAVE the smarter the app gets and you will start noticing the changes very soon.

We have also launched a scanner to add shopping items to your cart without having to search the menu! Keep reading to get the full scoop....

Check out the new capabilities of the app, a bit of AI goes a long way and we are ready to customize your WAAVE experience

  1. WAAVE is now able to guide you through a menu and suggest dishes based on your drinking history and your food preference, time of the day and what is happening around you. You don't want to miss out on deals but most importantly you don't want to miss out on recommendations that have been curated just for you.
  2. As a WAAVE-er you are subscribed to topics, our smart notification system will only display content that is relevant to you. Obviously, we need to you know what you like first so go ahead and WAAVE a bit more to make the app super accurate.
  3. Open Dialogue will ask you a few questions to create a preference profile, this info helps us improve the deals we present you with 

We need you to turn on your notifications to enjoy all our smart features!

Scan-to-Cart is here!

A few months ago we signed up as the Official Ordering app for WINE FIESTA 2017... Yeah! we know that's a big deal! The more we talked to the team from the Singapore Straits Wine Company the more we realised that we could truly do something special here...

As there are over 400 wines available for testing during this event, adding them to the cart every time you like one seemed a bit too complicated. So the WAAVe solution was simple.

Taste, Scan, Buy!

The WAAVE scanner is super convenient for events like WINE FIESTA where there are so many bottles to take home that searching for the right vintage is a bit of a chore, but it is also a super handy tool for venues that display their bottles in the store and you need to pick them up from their shelves rather than looking at the drinks menu.

So if you want to know where you will soon be able to scan-to-cart here is a sneak peek of the WAAVE venues with some of the best bottle services in town:

Here is a new store that will also have an active scanner, and no, they do not sell alcohol!

The Meat Club. Yes as of next week you will be able to pick up the best steaks in town from their commercial space at Club Co (20 China St) and simply scan and grab from the fridge!

Please make sure you update the app to enjoy these awesome new features!

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