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OktoberFest Asia 2016 runs on WAAVE

Friendship, Pleasure, Hearty Food, Live Music and Drinking of Beer.

New location for OKTOBERFEST this year and with a brand new spot comes a brand new payment system. WAAVE will be accepted at all bars and food vendors, so if you want to take advantage of our priority line please come WAAVE ready.

Location: Tan Quee Lan Street See Map

Tickets available in-app

Friendship, Pleasure, Hearty Food, Live Music and Drinking of Beer with WAAVE.

Tickets are 10% off only on WAAVE and with no additional booking fees

Let us tell you a few reasons why you should WAAVE at Oktoberfest Asia!


The crowd is a plenty to dealt with! Well, you could do the old fashioned way of waiting in line but why wait when you can WAAVE? Skip that crowd, Get your drinks on WAAVE and slide over to the Fast Track WAAVE pick up area for your drink!

Experience WAAVE first hand at Oktoberfest Asia 2016, it's time you enjoy the perks of going cashless!


Don't worry about your heavy wallet or the risk of losing it, you can leave it at home when you go cashless. Only with a tap on your phone, you'll be able to get your drinks and food. A hasty start to key in your credentials but efficient and faster service once you #ridethecashlessWAAVE.

Be WAAVE-ready at Oktoberfest Asia 2016 to get to your drink faster than you can say Prost!

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