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a boat party like no other

The Chinese junk boat of OUTCAST is set to sail on Saturday, 4th June, around the coast of Singapore! With SOLD OUT party for the previous OUTCAST editions, let's not ignore that this inventive party series is already the big talk of the town. 

Outcast is part of Zig Zach, lion city’s most revered DJ’s, and event promoter, growing list of tailor made events. Accompanying this time in OUTCAST 003, are the DJs we desperately sought for, one being a Special Guest DJ, Eric Volta. Zach has mentioned him as an artist who makes it look effortless playing impressive hypnotic set. You can also expect DJ KFC, that one impressive DJ which can keep the crowd moving. We have seen him played a set for SESSIONS @ Hotel Jen, spinning unforgettable cool mixes. Last but not least, Jeck Hyde who has been on top form recently with his Rehyderate parties and warm up sets for Kyo & Cato.

The only sea sickness you'll get is the sick beats at sea starting from hypnotic sounds and disco duff to house music alongside techno.

As for food, Camp Kilo Charcoal Club will be dishing out special grubs for a very special party, hosted by some Kilo Lounge old favourites. You can expect some crazy tender meat for grab! The best part of it all, you get to #ridethecashlessWAAVE.

WAAVE is the official app for OUTCAST!

Here's a chance for you to leave your wallet at home! You don't have to wait to pay, miss a verse at the dancefloor or halt a conversation. You can also get connected in-app, send a drink to your friend while they are on the dancefloor or even (cross fingers) get a drink from a stranger dancing with you at OUTCAST as well!


Activity > Send Drink > Select Friend > Choose Drink

Don't forget to enable push notifications and location services to get gifts alert and for when your drinks are ready for collection!

Download the WAAVE app and never miss a song beat at OUTCAST 003 when you #ridethecashlessWAAVE

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