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Silent Disco

Imagine a room full of dancing party-goers, all wearing individual wireless headsets that are glowing brightly.

SILENT DISCO is coming to Singapore at KULT KAFE! Due to unprecedented demand, sold out for 14 May, Silent Disco has launched another ticket sale for 15 May which is also a SOLD OUT!

This is going to be a crazy fun party! With three different DJs spinning through the night, you decide what you would like to hear. There could be disco grooves on the green channel, house music on the blue channel, and rock music on the red channel so if you wanna dance with others to some sick beat, stick with the blue-lit ravers on the floor and sync those moves.

You might be wondering why would this silent rave be so popular? We think it's because you don't have to worry about trying so hard, It keeps everyone occupied on the one thing that matters when you go clubbing - THE MUSIC! 

Silent Disco Asia runs on WAAVE at Kult Kafe. You heard us! It is going to be massive considering the fact that it's a SOLD OUT event for BOTH days! Imagine how many people there are, you will definitely need to WAAVE for your orders!

Why waste your time to queue when you can be spending that time on the dance floor with your drinks! 

WAAVE your orders to have your drinks prepared as soon as you reach the bar!

Once you've downloaded the WAAVE app, Create a profile for yourself so your friends can find you in WAAVE, add credits into your WAAVE wallet and then check-in at the Silent Disco Event to start ordering! 

How to add credits:

Activity > Add Money > Choose Preferred Value > 

Add Payment Method (accept credits cards, Visa and Mastercard)

Download the WAAVE app to counter the long queues at the bar during Silent Disco! #ridethecashlessWAAVE

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