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St Patrick's Street Festival on WAAVE

St. Patrick, a beloved leader to the Irish community, helped many Irish to convert from Paganism to Christianity. 

So far no party here

However, on 17th March, around 460 A.D, his death  was mourned all over Ireland, and if we know something about the Irish, is that they don't need an excuse for a drink. So on this date the world becomes a bit Irish and joins in on the drinking celebrations that now are common all over the world.

Did you know that the first official St. Patrick's parade happened in NYC? We didn't know either

Here in Singapore, the tradition holds strong thanks to Molly Malone's, the first Irish bar in the Little Red Dot. From This weekend (March 19-20) expect nothing less than a sea of green... floating along Circular Rd, with loads of people filling the streets you are going to want to use WAAVE to get your drinks faster and cheaper

First and foremost, tune into your inner Irish by turning up for this event with anything green. We would be in glee to see anyone in ALL GREEN from top to bottom! If you feel like going crazy with extra accessories, why not try face painting, a clover badge or even spraying your hair. Well, you could still opt for a simple green wig - BOOHOO.

Secondly, get involved! Sing a little Irish song, do an Irish dance and if you may, throw on some Irish words or phrases!  Get onto it, be hyped with your friends, and interact but stay out of trouble.

Last but not least, check out the pub scene. This is the day when most bars and pubs cater to their patrons with a festive St. Patrick’s theme. There’s definitely going to be special prices on beers, food and cover charges. So, this is when WAAVE comes into the picture. *winkwink*

Imagine how crowded it would be at the Bar and now try to think about how long it would take to get you a pint of beer. 

We ALL want to enjoy ourselves with high quality service and not miss the significant conversations among friends just because you had to get yourself a drink.

Well now, all you need to do is WAAVE! Just tap your order in-app, head to the bar and show the phone to the bartender. That's it! Fast and convenient WAAVE transactions are cashless so you don't have to wait around.

Molly Malone's, Mogambo, Hero's, The Public House and Draft & Craft will all be running on WAAVE.

The BQ St Patrick's Party also runs on WAAVE with exclusive discounts and prizes to be won. Get the best deal on drinks and BBQ when you order and pay with the app.

Remember, it will be packed and there is no table service this weekend. If you want to get your drinks faster, order with the app and pick up at the bar. 

So download the app and be Irish with us!

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