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StopOver Pasta on WAAVE

Nothing beats lunch like a plate full of delicious pasta

It's a cool new place in town specializes in serving nothing else but pasta! If you are looking for a place to stop for pasta, you know you can StopOver Pasta with WAAVE.

Just in case you get tired of salads in your diet, StopOver Pasta is your alternative to oily, fatty, non nutritional and non replenishing expensive foods. Their craft hearty-but-healthy meal would most definitely refuel, recharge and rehydrate active professional! All pasta and sauces are hand-made by the chef every morning so you can have delightful, restaurant quality meals on the go during your busy workday at non-restaurant prices.

Tap your orders and pay with your phone when you #ridethecashlessWAAVE​

There's no need to bring your wallet anymore, pack light when you order and pay with WAAVE. If you are in a rush, order from your office, enable the takeaway make your way down to collect your order and go.

How to order at StopOver Pasta?

  1. Checkin at StopOver Pasta
  2. Choose your Pasta size
  3. Choose type of Pasta
  4. Select your Sauce
  5. Select your Topping(s)
  6. Enter table number for Table Service or Enable Takeaway
  7. Pay with WAAVE

So download the WAAVE app and stop over pasta right away!

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