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Sunday Beers on the Hill -ANZAC edition

April 23 rd 3pm Kult Kafe

· WAAVE Events,Craft Beer

This one will be BIG!

It is ANZAC Edition of Sunday Beers on the Hill so expect the best Craft Beers from Australia and New Zealand to land at Kult Kafe for a relaxed afternoon with friends, family and pets!

Open Up a Little!

That's right! Little Creatures is now on tap in Singapore and they will be showcasing their hoppy goodness at Sunday Beers on the Hill.

We have all been waiting for the joyful cherub to expand from bottles to tap in Singapore and the day has come as they now seem to be taking over the Island with perfect golden schooners.

You can #WAAVE4it this Sunday and join them at Club Meatballs on Tuesday April 25th for Tap Takeover!

WAAVE Lawn Service

For this epic edition of Sunday Beers on the Hill we are bringing back our famous Lawn Service! Get your mates, grab a blanket and a WAAVE Lawn Sign from our stand and we will be running drinks and food to you all afternoon.

What is better than avoiding the queue? Having your drinks served to you in the picnic area!

No ticket needed! See you on the Hill!

Sunday April 23rd 3PM

Kult Kafe

11D Upper Wilkie Road

Leave your wallets at home, as you can go cashless with #WAAVE #WAAVEyourway

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