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Sunday on the Hill

By now you should know how great it is with your family and friends!

Sunday on the Hill, a monthly edition of family and pet-friendly picnic, is coming back on 3rd July, 3-11PM!

Get away from the busy streets and packed pathways to enjoy a time out on a picnic mat at Kult Kafe. The food choices varies from a simple salad to a delicious juicy kebab! Packed with an outdoor bar and coffee pop up, it is definitely a time to either go grounded or get smoked.

WAAVE is the official app for Sunday on the Hill!

Avoid bringing your wallet this time and come on over with just your phone. WAAVE allows you to order and pay with your mobile! Paper-less and cashless, you get to play your part to save the trees! 

And we definitely want you to benefit from being eco-friendly, no more waiting in line to order and pay! WAAVE users are given priority queues so you can expect to have more time sitting and talking rather than stand to wait.

WAAVE Table Service

Save your spot at the table and WAAVE for your order. 

  1. Checkin at Sunday On The Hill.
  2. Make your orders through the WAAVE Table Service Tab! 
  3. Specify your table number before you pay with WAAVE.
  4. Our team will bring your order to you and verify the code for you.

A complete lazy-picnic Sunday made possible with WAAVE around. It's time you #ridethecashlessWAAVE.

Download the WAAVE app and take a Lazy-Sunday on the Hill with us!

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