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Sunday On The Hill Latin Edition

A twist for your usual Sunday Picnic.....

You get bored of repetition, we do too! If you think Sunday On The Hill couldn't get any better, here are some things you definitely should look out for this time.....

One tip: FIND YOURSELF A PARTNER! Do not miss out the chance to bop your feet to the music with Salsa. YES! This time Sideshow is collaborating with Salsa Under The Stars SG for a special Latin Dance Edition of Sunday on the Hill! Featuring music from Havana Social Club, May May DJ (Salsa Under The Stars), and DJ Shellsuit (Sideshow). Expect salsa, merengue, bachata, kizomba, cha cha, cumbia and more in the mix.

When it's Sunday On The Hill, you definitely can't miss out F&B by kult kafé. Sidecar Sausages, Bayan Tamarind Foods and Popaganda. You can find gourmet sausages, great veggie options, fresh fruit popsicles, craft beers and refreshing cocktails. You also, can't miss out the queue.

Don't wait in line when you order and pay with WAAVE!

And again, this time, you can WAAVE for your Lawn Service. Back by popular demand, we are going to bring your orders to you. We know you want to have a go at a Lazy Sunday once again, and this time you should definitely WAAVE for it!

How to order with Lawn Service;

  1. Check-in at Sunday On The Hill Latin Edition
  2. Approach the WAAVE staff for your Lawn Number and Picnic Mat
  3. Go to 'Lawn Service' vendor
  4. Tap on your preferred menu to Add to Cart
  5. Add your Lawn Number 
  6. Pay with WAAVE and We will bring your food to you

Download the WAAVE app for a lazy Sunday on the Hill picnic fun!

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