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Sunday Social Market

Apr 30, Camp Kilo, 2pm-late

· WAAVE Events

A Sunday Affair!

Sunday Social heads to Camp Kilo Charcoal Club!

Expect this passion project of DJ Zig Zach and Jade Amar to be a unique experience. Very different backgrounds, Music and Fashion. We think that's- The best of both worlds isn't it!

Good old times..

Bring your friends along and be surrounded by some good ol' house music, accompanied by delicious food from artisanal bakers, and of course the hearty roasts from Camp Kilo Charcoal Club and discover local brands and talented crafters. All the things we love in one place! YAY!

Mark your calendars!

* All transactions at the market can be paid via cash..

But why bring cash? When you have the option to go cashless with #WAAVE!

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