Sunshine Nation Villa Takeover is an exclusive party with only 75 slots available. It's no secret that this secret villa rave is the next real deal, even to SG. Imagine what big things could happen at this scale of a party with an opening act by DJ ‘Cats on Crack’ who goes from dangerous disco ditties to the ends of mind warping techno, a mew-sical journey personified. This feline DJ ‘Cats on Crack’ has been spreading her gospel of good vibes far and wide.

Taking over the DJ Booth after would be the talented Berlin DJ and Producer, EINMUSIK Samuel Kindermann, a man that is always on the move and doesn’t need the bonds of trends which has been creeping through clubs, every season. Whether on a festival like Fusion or in a small club - in the end everybody is closing the eyes, forgets about the here and now and plunge into the cosmos of Einmusik, which seems to be endless.  

“The more you leave out, the more you highlight what you leave in.” - Henry Green

Get ready for the VILLA TAKEOVER & plunge into the endless cosmos of EINMUSIK with Sunshine Nation's playlist!  

LAST CHANCE to get access! Register here for your "secret booking code": 

WAAVE is available at the event! So if you want to avoid the long queues at the bar Go cashless!  

The WAAVE Demo team will be there to show you how to use the app... so no excuses! cash and credit cards slow down the fun. Who needs to wait to pay anymore around here? You definitely don’t have to.

Free Jager shots are available in-app only. Another excuse to #RideTheCashlessWAAVE

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