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Tanjong Beach Club

An all-day sun-kissed playground on Singapore’s best strip of sand.

· WAAVE Venues

Have you been waiting for Daybed service? It's here!

The ultimate escape from our busy city- state is nowhere better than Singapore’s premier sun-kissed playground, Tanjong Beach Club (TBC). Not only is the view and atmosphere stunning but they offer a diverse range of activities and offerings.

WAAVE has been providing pick up at the bar service for awhile now and now we are ready to bring it up a notch and finally giving you what you have been asking for! 

You can now relax on the beach and order directly from your phone. Your drinks and food will bypass the staff and be brought to you much quicker... No open tabs to deal with at the end of the day... no trying to attract the attention of the team with TBC is rocking.

Your wallet doesn't fit in your swimsuit!

All you need is your phone to get your orders delivered! It's time you go cashless!

Your Sentosa Islander discount can be applied to WAAVE

Have a Sentosa Islander card? Please take to the staff you obtained your Membership code. You will add that code to WAAVE and your 15% will be reflected on your WAAVE oder. Ask the staff for your code or email us at

Time to embrace the sun and embrace the tech that gives you better, faster service!

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