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WAAVE New Features

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If Smart is the new sexy, WAAVE is getting super HOT!

We just dropped a new version of WAAVE in the app store and while we wait for its release we figured this update deserved its own blog post.

  • First, let's talk about the boring part... Yeap! Security matters a lot to us, and it should matter to you too. We have updated our system to add extra layers of security and this means that if you are registered with WAAVE with an email we will need you to reset your password. The process is simple and the app will guide you through it. If you had registered with Facebook, you won't need to do a thing!
  • Google Login is here! It has been a popular request... and here it is! you can now login with your google account. So for those of you who were not too keen on Facebook, we give you the perfect alternative. You are welcome, Android WAAVE-ers!
  • WAAVE now saves your favourites and puts them at the top of the menu of your go-to venue. With the new feature "Favorite Item", your most ordered drinks (and food items) will be shown to you first and of course, your favourites vary from Breakfast to Drinks... So that Skinny Flat White will be the first option in the morning but after office hours the app knows you need a glass of Sauvignon Blanc!
  • Don't tell us what you want... WAAVE probably already knows. "Open Dialogue" will guide you through experiencing a great night out. The app learns from your actions and the more you use it, the smarter it gets. WAAVE is morphing into an app JUST FOR YOU, this feature is the first smart feature of many to come, and the beginning of a new WAAVE.

As you can see, things are really heating up, we are very excited and we hope you are too. Thank you for WAAVE-ing and please don't forget to update the app.

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