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A party with maximum fun and minimal clothing.


To commemorate Mogambo's 5th Anniversary, they are celebrating alongside their brother outlet, Hero's, with a Roman-inspired fit. It's a calling to announce they have survived the war and still standing strong with their empire in this small red dot city.

There's a lot to celebrate on for the night! First of them all, FREE House Shot for well-dressed Roman. So, make sure you turn up with your TOGA outfit and rise with the empire. Also, you can get Jagermeister and Pure Blondes at $10 each all night long!

And get 10% off your drink all night long with WAAVE!

Pack light for the night, leave your wallets at home as all you need is WAAVE. Don't wait in line to pay for your drink, pay with WAAVE. All you need to do is Checkin in at the venue, tap for your preferred drink, pay with WAAVE, flash your phone to the bartender and get your drink! 

Be WAAVE-ready for the TOGA PARTY, top up your WAAVE wallet! You need enough credits to purchase your drinks for the night.

Top up your WAAVE credit:

Activity > Add Money > (only for new user) Add Payment Method > Choose Preferred Value

Don't forget you can ring the BELL with WAAVE too!

So download the app and #ridethecashlessWAAVE as a Roman for the night!

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