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Don’t be surprised if you discover a new liquor you may never have heard about.

The spot to be for creative rum cocktails, located on the second floor of Lime House at 2 Jiak Chuan Rd, is the well known Bago. A real island vibe decor making you forget you’re in Singapore instead somewhere in a distant island of the Caribbean. You’ll easily loose hours chatting away and sampling all of their exotic cocktail creations.

There are weekly specials here at BAGO including a Wednesday ladies night and after work lime drink specials on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. There might be more exclusive deals for you and you won't miss it all on WAAVE! 

WAAVE will be sending you notification of all the deals and promotions available at Bago and before you know it, you would have already found your favourite cocktail! We think that the best thing about Bago is, it is one floor up from the famous Caribbean-themed restaurant, Lime House where you can WAAVE at as well! 

You have got nothing to lose, WAAVE for your food downstairs, and go for a second round of drinks at Bago upstairs. This is the kind of chill night you need with your squad!

How do you WAAVE at Bago?

1. Add payment method after you register as a user.

2. Top Up your WAAVE wallet.

3. Search for Bago and Checkin at venue.

4. Explore their menu to select your preferred choice.

5. Go to cart to confirm your order and Pay with WAAVE!

6. make your way to the bar area, flash your phone with the order.

7. Bartender will enter their special verification code after they have passed you your drink!

7. Walk away.

See how simple that is, no more waiting in line to pay, you are always first in line when you #ridethecashlessWAAVE!

So download the app now and avoid the line for your creative rum cocktail at Bago today!

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