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Celebrate the arts, music and culture by the awe-inspiring river.

WAAVE is now available at CANVAS!

CANVAS, known for its modular and flexible space, transforms from a daytime art gallery into a one of a kind urbane industrial designed night club. With a true dedication to credible music genres combined with a visual experience of digital arts and lighting. It's a new standard of nightlife entertainment.

This small yet flexible club located right by the beautiful river of Clarke Quay has hosted several 'talk-of-the-town' events such as an art gallery event, Kumar's stand up comedy night, special one-night only happenings and many more. 

Something that you would never miss out are their DJs playing all night long. Accompanying their pool of carefully curated resident DJs are impeccable line-up of exciting guests / international DJs.

Now would you look at that? This busy club would need you to WAAVE!

Avoid waiting in line to pay for your drinks! Simply order in-app and pay with WAAVE, flash your order to the bartender to verify your order and get your drink. You don't need to wait for your credit card to process and miss out on a verse by the DJ, it's time you #ridethecashlessWAAVE.

WAAVE also offers a feature to send credits or drinks to your friend from across the bar or the other side of the world. You can stay connected with them no matter where you are.

How to send credits:

Activity > Send Money > Choose Preferred Value

20 Upper Circular Road
#B1-01/06 The Riverwalk
Singapore 058413

Download the WAAVE app and don't miss out on special deals on your favorite venues!

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