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Think Southern Pride American smokers, think Blacksmith, think MEAT.

The guys behind the award-winning BurntEnds SG opens Meat Smith, a meat lover's HEAVEN! 

This Modern Smokehouse caters to breakfast, lunch, dinner trade, with a highly skilled bar that stocks craft beers, cocktails, bourbons and the infamous pickle backs. Their very own all American boy, head chef Andrew Baldus and Sous chef Alysia Chan are both still fresh from a tour of the US BBQ Trail. It's no surprise that they are fully aware of what is expected!

Meat Smith is known to make everything in house with their Southern Pride smokers! These bad boys allow them to smoke meat with real technique, giving you the real flavor of the South. Not forgetting, they have promised the HIGHEST QUALITY meat!

There are a whole lot of menu to try, starting from the Beef Tongue which is a tender slice of beef accompanied by sliced carpaccio and served with a tangy and mildly hot sauce. They also have The Pulled Pork Sandwich, a smoky flavour pulled pork, lather of BBQ sauce and a wicked mouthwatering slaw topped with a crispy pork rind and sandwiched between two chewy buns. 

Make sure to try the sauces available at their tables! Their homemade sauces are the bomb, nailed to a complete. Don't be surprise if you may never want store bought sauces after spoiling yourself at Meatsmith. 

WAAVE has been excited to announce that Meat Smith has joined us and is in a collaborative process to give the best deals there is for WAAVE users. 

Get 10% discount off your bill with WAAVE!

No need to wait to order or pay, all you need is WAAVE to purchase. Go cashless at Meat Smith and save yourself the headache of bringing loose change in your pocket! No more digging into your pocket to find the right change to pay!

Download the app and #ridethecashlessWAAVE right away at Meat Smith!

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