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WAAVE Beer Pass

Save 20% when you get your combo ticket on WAAVE

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Beer planning with WAAVE

WAAVE is proud to bring you WAAVE Beer Pass, one ticket, three of the best beer events in Singapore!

CRAFT Singapore, Beerlicious and Oktoberfest Asia all run on WAAVE so we are offering one convenient ticket that opens the door to all events at a discounted price and for WAAVE users only.

CRAFT Singapore 2017 September 8th-10th, Clarke Quay

14 Stalls of wonderful craft beer take centre stage in one of the most popular party areas in Singapore.

Tickets are on sale now $15-$100, why get one? Because you will get all sort of discounts at every craft beer stall, PLUS deals at your favourite bars and restaurants.

WAAVE instead of queueing at the ATM, when you buy your ticket with WAAVE your beer discounts apply automatically!

Here is the entertainment calendar for the weekend

BEERLICIOUS - September 16th-17th, Kult Kafe, Emily Hill

Some say this is a true industry event... you will have to come see for yourself. Kult Kafe presents the perfect setting for those who like to chill outdoors with friends, grab your beers and spot on the lawn for the perfect Craft Beer weekend.... it is even dog-friendly!

Beer stalls and food vendors all go cashless with WAAVE, tickets available on out ticket portal

Oktoberfest Asia 2017 - October 19th-21st -Tan Quee Lan St

You know the drill... $90 a big beer mug and all the beer you can drink!

WAAVE is the official payment app for this famous beer event that has finally said no to cash and yes to cashless.... Sunday will bring some big surprises! Come join us and be German for the day.

Get the WAAVE Beer Pass and you will save 20% off all three events. $164 (UP $205) a limited number of tickets are available!

The bundle includes VIP ticket to CRAFT and day you want ($100) + Beerlicious day pass ($15) + Oktoberfest standard free flow ($90)

Don't miss out!

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