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WAAVE Credits

This Top Up System gives users a better experience

· From Team WAAVE

WAAVE is the most used F&B wallet in Singapore, providing thousands of users with a unique service, cashless transactions at events, table service at bars and restaurants and takeaway food all over town.

The reason why the app is so efficient is because it handles transactions with credits. By asking users to top up to spend we guarantee the better service everyone seems to be looking for.

You want better service, we give you WAAVE credits

Much like Uber or Grab the app processes a payment by tokenizing credit card information and a lot like these successful apps reverting a transaction is not something that can be done on the spot. A driver for instance cannot provide a refund for a failed ride. Only customer service can and this is usually not an automated response. If you are an avid rider you know that this is not something that happens often....

Now imagine a busy bar, with 20+ people ordering and paying with WAAVE. Imagine you order a bottle of champagne and unfortunately they are sold out of that brand... Would you like your $250 back immediately to be able to oder something else, or would you prefer to have to contact us the next day?

With WAAVE credits the bar is able to cancel a transaction and get the amount back in your wallet immediately.

Let's say you send a drink to a friend, your friend has 30 days to redeem this gift at the venue you chose. If your friend fails to redeem this gift, the money spent goes back to your wallet in the form of credits!

With WAAVE credits you always get your money back

You place an order every time you want another item, with this system there are no holding amounts on your credits card and no open tabs to create confusion risking paying for things you did not order.

With WAAVE credits you never pay a convenience charge

The Top Up system is here to protect you and to give you a better experience when you go out. It allows for great flexibility and happier users. WAAVE growth every week, so if you have credits in your wallet you know there are amazing venues to spend them at.

With WAAVE credits we are able to give you discounts every where you go

Don't be afraid of the Top Up, your credits never expire and you get to explore the best bars, restaurants, clubs, events and pop up markets in Singapore with complete flexibility and guaranteed better service

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