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WAAVE for Roska

Earmarked as one of UK’s most accomplished underground exponents.

Canvas presents Roska (Rinse FM, UK)

Catch Roska at Canvas on Saturday, 25th june from 10pm till late.

Who is Roska?

Roska, originally blazed a trail for funky to return to the clubs through a series of releases via influential dance labels like Numbers, Tectonic and Hotflush and two albums for Rinse Recordings in 2012, A renowned DJ to boot, Roska’s ‘Roska Presents’ brand has seen him curate line-ups across the UK for the last five years and after recently returning from a tour of Asia.

Each entry ticket comes with a complimentary drink. 

Get your pre-sale tickets at $22 in-app! 

Or opt for tickets at $30 in-app when you buy on the day itself.

Let's WAAVE for Roska! Avoid waiting in line and enjoy Roska's music at the dance floor while you order through WAAVE. Checkin at Canvas, Select your order, tap on the cart, pay with WAAVE and collect your order! 

Pack less for the night and leave your wallets at home when you WAAVE for the night. You only need your phone with you! 

Did you know that you can send a drink to a friend through the app? No more buying drinks the old school way, get connected with your friends when you WAAVE them a drink!

Send Drinks:

Activity > Send > Send Drink > Select Friend > Choose Drink

Download the WAAVE app and enjoy your night at the dance floor with Roska!

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