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WAAVE launches iRecruit

Earn a 10% rebate on all your F&B outings

· From Team WAAVE,WAAVE Memberships

WAAVE's newest feature allows for venues to sponsor sport teams, VIPs and regulars without having to issue membership cards or install scanners.

Going cashless has it's perks for both bars and customers, so each venue can reward loyalty based on different consumption models.

WAAVE is launching a few programs of it's own, designed to reward those very active industries that have embraced the app so far.

iRecruit was designed specifically for recruiters in Singapore and it is sponsored by WAAVE

WAAVE's new program allows recruiters to use the app at any partner venue in Singapore enjoying the perks and discounts the app offers and in addition it gives iRecruit members a 10% rebate on all WAAVE purchases.

Applying for the program is very simple as long as you do so with your work email so we can verify you are indeed a recruiter! You will qualify if you work for a recruiting firm or if you do recruiting for a specific company.

After reviewing your application a "token" will be sent to you via SMS. Activating your membership is two taps away! Don't have the app? Please download here

Find out where you can use WAAVE in Singapore: WAAVE Venues

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