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WAAVE Takeaway at Circular Rd.

Avoid the lunch massacre immediately

Do you feel us when we talk about that fiasco during lunch, where all the places are crowded and there is no way for you to get even a quick lunch? 

Right. WAAVE experience the same situation every day and this is why we want to let you know about what WAAVE got in store for you. Make sure you WAAVE at these venues for an amazing takeaway experience!

All you need to do to takeaway through WAAVE is; check-in at the restaurant, add your order to the cart and one-click pay... Leisurely walk to collect with your phone in hand and leave your wallet at home.

Remember to put TA as your table number, that's short for TAKEAWAY... No queuing and no need to wait to pay!

Let’s say you are into something light but filling for the day, never underestimate the power of salad. Meat and Green is a place known to offer a variety of inventive salads and wraps. There are local inspired items for your salad such as Chicken Rice (which consist of chicken, chili and garlic and NO RICE obviously), Pulled Pork Bakutteh, Beef Curry and Lamb Vindaloo which are all spicy but still tasty. They also have many different types of dressing available to complete your salad with. Make sure you don’t go without either a drink or sides to go along with that lunch you just ordered. 

With WAAVE, you just choose your ingredients, your protein, dressings and any extra sides with a tap. Then, pack light to collect your food, all you need to bring is your phone with you.

Ok so, if you are not looking for salad, we think KEBABS would do a much better comfort for lunch. That sounds good as well huh? Dharma's has really good sized Kebabs that is filling and makes your taste buds run wild! They take you straight to Middle East despite being in the office. We are already drooling just thinking about devouring the Kebabs for lunch! Dharma’s has an offer of Takeaway Kebabs with Cajun Fries at $12 per set. You can choose from Lamb to Beef, Chicken, Paneer Kebab and Chicken Tikka.

This is the only way you can avoid the lunch massacre and enjoy your lunch in the office with your mates! Start WAAVE-ing for your lunch today!   

New Venues joining WAAVE

Download WAAVE app and avoid the lunch catastrophe today!

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