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What you really pay for when you open a tab at a bar.

Your high risk habit may be putting your financials in jeopardy.

Hey the 90's called... they want their payment method back!

We are all so used to opening a tab at bars... and with each round we forget more and more how risky this common practice is.

From simple human error to flat-out fraud you are opening yourself to all sorts of mishaps including identity theft.

What can go wrong you ask?

Open tabs create confusion, confusion means you end up paying for other people's drinks

It is no news that when you open a tab you count on the staff to add the right orders to your bill, You become 1 of the sometimes 100s of open tabs in a busy venue. Even the most seasoned wait staff can make a mistake, your vodka soda can end up on another tab and you might be paying for someone's champaign binge.

Admit it! You simply don't bother reviewing your bill, sometimes you don't even look at it.

Your friends forget to pay for their share of the bill, way too often

Large tables with people coming and going are never easy to manage. Have you ever been the last man standing, staring at a large ball bill with no one around to share the pain with? Splitting the check is an anti-social activity, no one likes to bring it up and spoil the fun.

The WAAVE solution:

Forget open tabs. There is nothing to pay or split at the end of your night.

1. By adding your drinks to your cart in your phone you not only get a better deal but you also have complete control of your order.

2. Your order goes directly to the bar, bypassing the staff you have priority service

3. You ORDER and PAY at the same time which means, when you want to leave you are free to do so.. No waiting around for a tab to be split or closed and the best part is no money conversations with friends!

4. With WAAVE you pay only for what you ordered

All a pro needs is the info in your credit card to steal your identity

Handling your card to a stranger is not exactly a smart move. Experts are saying that even when your card is out of sight for just a few minutes you open yourself to the possibility of identity theft Your card number and CVV can be easily duplicated into cloned cards that are later used for online and offline purchases.

Leaving your credit card behind the bar is a high risk habit

Card fraud happens, and it happens in Singapore more often than you thought

The WAAVE way:

1. With WAAVE your credit card never leaves your sight, you can forget your wallet at home if you want!

2. WAAVE uses cutting edge technology to protect your financial information, in fact no information related to your credit card is ever stored by WAAVE, Tokenization allows us to securely generate a code that is used to associate a transaction with your card this information is guarded by BrainTree a PayPal company.

3. If you want a smoother first time transaction and additional security you can use Apple Pay, Android Pay and soon Samsung Pay to WAAVE. No card is needed as the app recognizes the instrument attached to your phone and each transaction requires a PIN or your fingerprint for approval.

WAAVE protect you when you are having fun so the only headache you have in the morning is a self inflicted one.

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