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Where to watch Mayweather vs McGregor in Singapore

If you WAAVE you won't miss a single punch!

· Singapore,WAAVE Venues

Sunday morning fight and no place to go? Follow WAAVE...

Brunch and Boxing is a very good combo!

We know that 9 am might be a tad early for some of you party people, but for those of you who are die-hard sports fans... we have the best places to see the fight at.

WAAVE for faster service and better prices, plus you know that it sucks to split bills, why even start one?! With WAAVE you order and pay as you go and you won't miss a single punch looking for service!

Club Meatballs - 20 China St.

They will be showing the fight with a healthy side of Little Creatures on Tap and all day breakfast!

You get 10% off on non-HH prices.  Check them out on WAAVE

Hero's - 69 Circular Rd

Doors open at 9 AM, kitchen opens at 9.30 AM ... plenty of Happy Hour deals going on all day... may the best fighter win!

Boomarang - 52 Circular Rd

Aussie breakfast with a side of punches? If you are looking for some avocado on toast very early on Sunday and you want to wash that down with a very cold VB while you watch two monster fighters hit each other, we know where you will be!

All tables are numbered so you can WAAVE as much as you like

Malthouse - 685 East Coast Road

Many reasons to watch the fight here this coming Sunday... 1) Doggy-friendly! you don't have to leave your puppy at home on a Sunday! 2) Brand new Brunch menu... right? it does look awesome! 3) Craft beers galore, you can watch the fight and start drinking at 9 AM.... perfect excuse no one will judge you here we are all friends!


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