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What to expect when the biggest wine festival in Singapore goes cashless!

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There is so much good here, that we don't know where to start... 100s of wines to taste, bottles to take home at ridiculous prices and a superb after party... And yes, now you can ALSO order and pay with WAAVE to avoid the queues at the logistics counter.

Cashless on its own is pointless. We all feel that way.

Paying is just half the problem at venues and events, the other half, sadly is the ordering and logistics process guest have to endure to get what the want when they want it.

So here is our question to you....

Are you ready to embrace convenience?

The team at Singapore Straits Wine Company is very good at what they do and they have been putting together the WINE FIESTA for ten consecutive years now. Their system works, and yet they look for solutions that can bring their operations to a new high.

Banking on the fact that Singapore is ready to embrace convenience, this year, they have engaged WAAVE services to give you an alternative to the cashier queues and the logistics bottleneck.

We raised to the occasion by introducing new features that can help you enjoy the festival even more.

Here is how it works!

  1. Download WAAVE and add your favorite credit card, or don't and use Apple Pay, Android Pay or PayPal
  2. You will see WINE FIESTA at the top of your list (yes, please leave your location on!) Inside the event each country will have its own stall, with multiple vineyards inside. And as you walk around tasting and talking to the experts you get to add bottles to your cart.

There are two ways to add bottles to your cart....

3. You can scan the barcode of the bottles to create your order. This is the easiest way to find your favourites when you are tasting and chatting in the crowd.

4. You can search for your favorites away from the crowd... That's right have a bite to eat will you search the WAAVE in-app menu and seamlessly add bottles to your cart... You know they give you this handy booklet with all the info so relax and shop! 6 bottles of the A11 please! you loved that Pinot!

5. Review your cart and one-tap to order and pay! The red button will turn green and you know your order has been received and paid for. A lot of convenience without any convenience fees

6. Now here is the cool thing.... The app will ask for your address if you want your order delivered. Or you can head to the WAAVE counter to pick up your full order or just a few bottles. Anything that you do not pick up at the end of the event will be delivered to you after Nov. 5th. Delivery is organised but your friends at SSWC.

Top 5 benefits of WAAVE-ing at WINE FIESTA 2017

1. You do not have to queue to pay or queue to give your delivery address

2. You can still pick up a few bottles or your entire order, at the WAAVE dedicated counter #sayNOtowaiting

3. You get to buy as you go, chat with the winemakers, taste, add to your cart and that's all! No looking around for mobile cashiers

5. You get to keep shopping even if you left the event. If you get home and you realise you want a few more cases of your favourite Sauvignon Blanc, just keep WAAVE-ing from the couch and get it all delivered

6. The after party also runs on WAAVE... No drink coupons!

Get your tickets on WAAVE, download the app and come ready for an Epic Wine Experience!

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