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Note to Authorities and
Financial Instittions


This website is monitored by WaaveCompliance a RegTech Group LLC product.

We implement transactional compliance on every single order. These checks include ID validation for shipping specific products to states that require so as well as geofencing of orders to comply with regulations at a Federal, State, and City Level


All MIDs are issued with banking partners.

All WAAVE Merchants have been KYC-ed and KYB-ed by our acquiring banks and their processing partners

WAAVE will not allow payment processing for items that are illegal at a Federal level and we will block shipping of items when illegal at destination.

For more information or to request an audit please email us with details at


Safe, Private & Secure


Bank-like security:  we encrypt and tokenize your data -- and we don't store it anywhere.  It's the safe way to pay with debit and credit cards.

PCI DSS Compliant
Very Good Security

Are you a 

If you are looking for compliant payment solutions that keep you in business for the long run, talk to our sales team and find out how WAAVE can change the way you sell online

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