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5 Factors that can affect your high

Know what they are and learn what works for you

Cannabis affects people in different ways. Because no two people are identical there is no guidebook on how to achieve the perfect high. BUT, we do know the factors that come into play and that can very much affect how you feel and how great that high is for YOU

1. Setting

We are very sensitive to our surrounding, perhaps more than we realize ... until we get high. Getting high can sometimes exacerbate our sensitivity to the things and people around us, resulting in a different high every time even if your choice of cannabis has not changed.

The mood of your session can be greatly affected by how you feel before you start and how you feel about the people around you. Are you comfortable where you are? Do you know the people around you? Are you tired or energetic at the time?

Look around, assess your state before a session and see how that changes the kind of high you achieve.

2. Method

Smoke, vape or eat these are the obvious ways to consume marijuana. Each one of them has different characteristics. While smoking is the oldest delivery method, Vaping has taken a bigger role with consumers who are more health-conscious and want the temperature of the combustion controlled to avoid any toxins associated with smoking.

Vaping has come under fire lately, after 11 deaths in the US that are being traced to counterfeit cartridges containing specific chemicals, read our post on how to identify a counterfeit before you shop.

Inhaling tends to give you a shorter high and allows for dose managing better than edibles.

Edibles take longer to kick in, but when they do the high lasts longer and it can be more intense, also, keep in mind, with edible you commit to the dose you ingested.

Pick a delivery method that matches the kind of high you are after and make sure you know your own limits for each method as it will certainly vary.

3. Dosage

The quality of your high is intimately related to the dose you take. And more is not always better as you might have figured out already. (if you ever accidentally turned into the cookie monster and ended up frozen between the cushions on your couch)

Edibles are the hardest to dose properly so make sure you read the labels and if you have questions do tap on the well of knowledge your budtender has on the topic.

Inhaling is obviously easier to control, while joints give you more visual queues on how much you are consuming compared to vaping devices.

4. Terpenes

Perhaps the most obscure of all the compounds, we know Terpenes because they give each strain a unique smell and taste but it is not clear how these variables affect our high.

Many say that a lot like essential oils, some tend to relieve stress, others aid sleep. For now, this compound changes your high by affecting your tastebuds, so it is more about your likes and dislikes.

5. Cannabinoid Profile

Cannabinoids are natural compounds found in cannabis. You know THC for the psychoactive effects that get you high and now we are all becoming very familiar with CBD and it's medicinal and anti-anxiety applications without any high whatsoever.

(CBD makes for 40% of the resin extract!)

The profile of the strain you consume will be the ultimate factor in what kind of high you end up with.

You'll have to experiment a bit here to find out which ration of CBD:THC best works for you and the setting you are in.

When you visit a WAAVE Dispensary make sure you take your time chatting with the staff they can give you a lot of insight on the different strains and their profile.

Using WAAVEPay at the counter takes no time at all so you can maximize the one on one time with your budtender more than when you use WAAVE Pickup which we recommend you start using once you feel more comfortable with the products you want. To learn more about WAAVEPay read our Pro Tips on how to set up your app

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