All about WAAVE Dining Vouchers

All about WAAVE Dining Vouchers

How to buy them? How to redeem them? Get all the insights here...

We are getting so much love for this new feature on WAAVE... Plan ahead and save even more

So you have a list of places you would like to go to BUT you are researching how to save a bit of cash when you are out and about... Yeap, we hear you, Singapore can be super expensive but there are too many awesome places to go to... here is the solution.

1. Buy a WAAVE Dining Voucher online

By purchasing a voucher you save up to 30%... for example: You can get a $50 voucher for $35.

The vouchers can be purchased on our website or through our partner venues... they are also available in the WAAVE news feed.

Now download the app, if you don't have it already

2. The Voucher will appear in the venue's menu under FREEBIES

All you have to do is add it to your cart BEFORE you tap on the Order & Pay button. Your bill will be reduced immediately!

Find great places that accept WAAVE Dining Vouchers


Brand new on WAAVE and quickly becoming a favourite with our users.

The offer 15% off on a $50 voucher, you can buy as many as you want.

Get them here

We love this place for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner... and of course the refreshing Craft Beer!

36 Club St.

PIZZAFACE @ Beach Road

Come on an try this awesome pizza. Team WAAVE has enjoyed a few loooong lunches here... we know you will like it to. Your voucher can be use anytime any day!

Get them here

302 Beach Road


Get 10% discount with WAAVE Dining Vouchers on top of the 10% off you get for ordering with WAAVE... That is a lot more Ko-Mex in life.

Get your voucher and explore the menu... super yummy and a great place to dine with friends so forwards this to your crew and make plan!

36 Beach Road


A great spot to relax over a strong coffee and a sandwich, they even have some killer savory pies!

Save 30% with this voucher

And you always get your 6th coffee FREE with their Loyalty Stamps! (only on WAAVE)

**WAAVE vouchers cannot be combined with off peak discounts... other than that, go nuts! Explore more deals here

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