Camp Kilo is on WAAVE

Camp Kilo is on WAAVE

Great things come to those who wait....

And you have waited long enough to be able to WAAVE at Camp Kilo!

What's better than that BBQ goodness? well... being able to sit down and order that BBQ goodness from your table, no queue, no waiting.

In fact if you order from your table with WAAVE your order reaches the kitchen faster than those who queue to pay with cash... We call this WAAVE Priority.

If you have Apple Pay or Android Pay you don't even have to set up a payment method... download, register with FB or Google and you will be placing your order in under 3 minutes!

Want more drinks? just place another order... it will go straight to the bar

Don't want to split the bill? With WAAVE there is no bill to split, each of you can order their food and drinks.

Want to place one order for the entire table? Ask your friend to send you WAAVE credits to cover their part of the check

You can even use the $3 WAAVE Voucher for your very first transaction at Camp Kilo Charcoal Club

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