Can an App pour you a drink?

Can an App pour you a drink?

WAAVE can!

We are introducing our first IOT (internet of things) project, the WAAVEBar.

There is one thing you should know about WAAVE: We love people! It is not our mission to eliminate human interaction and there is nothing we enjoy more than a good heart-to-heart with a bartender...

But there are times, when you just want a drink. Whether it is a very busy bar, a hotel lobby at 5 am :) an event with thousands of people or a remote spot off the grid... You really just want a cocktail and you are standing there with your phone, wondering... can anyone please make me a drink?

If you have been there, and you get us, say hello to the WAAVEBar!

This IOT collaboration with our friends at Souschef is the first of it's kind in Singapore and a definite milestone for us at WAAVE.

What can the WAAVEBar do?

And how does this magical process happen...

The WAAVEBar can pour you a 5 to 10 ingredient cocktail in 3 seconds.

All you have to do is order the drink with WAAVE as you would at any venue or event and approach the bar.

This is what an order in progress for the WAAVEBar looks like

You will notice that your "GREEN-Receipt" has a new feature.

A button says "Tap to collect your drink"

Tap, duh! and scan the QR Code at the bar, this will wake up the Robo-bartender and ask you to follow a few simple steps to get your drink... Things like put a glass under the dispenser... that kind of steps!

Noticed we said QR Code? Yes we are finally applying them for something useful.

The WAAVEBar can serve anything, and to demo it we are partnering up with Bootstrap Cold Brew Coffees, to launch the first App-driven, fully automated bar in Singapore at CRAFT Singapore 2018

On the menu we will have a selection of Cold Brew Coffees and a Boozy version of them too..just because you simply MUST!

Come check it out! it will be awesome... and expect to see it around town after the festival... :)

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