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Cannabis and the coronavirus what you need to know

With the WHO raising the alert level to super-duper (or as they call it "very high") we ponder on how your life might be disrupted in Portland, and how your cannabis consumption might be affected.

Edited: New cases reported in Oregon

First, the obvious, supplies, supplies, supplies

Hardware will be affected, as factories in China struggle to return to full production. The country walks a thin line between maintaining the economy of its manufacturing industry and stopping the virus from becoming a pandemic.

About 1k factories in China produce 90% of all e-cigarettes and vaping devices, with the supplies already low after the trader war with the Eastern country, you can expect delays in shipments and potentially outage.

Smoke it, don't pass it

No, you don't need to walk around with a face mask (unless you are actually sick!) but it might be wise to not pass around things you put in your mouth. So joints, bongs, and vapes should not be shared right now to avoid any potential transmission of the virus.

Remember that many of those who tested positive have been completely asymptomatic, so just because your mate isn't coughing doesn't mean he is healthy.

Yeap, it is flu season after all, and you should be washing your hands often as well, this is the most effective way to fight the spreading of the coronavirus

Trader Joe's sells super nice smelling hand sanitizing spray, add that to your routine to keep any virus or bug away. Make sure you clean your phone often, that screen goes everywhere and lands always next to your face!

Cannabis and the flu

While CBD and THC combinations can have pain killer qualities as well as sleep-inducing capabilities doctors do not prescribe them as a treatment for the flu or a common cold. Remember that inhaling smoke might be the last thing you want to do when you have a respiratory illness.

Do your research, some edibles may help you, just make sure you are not combining them with over the counter meds.

No reason to panic

Singapore until last week was the second more affected country in the world, after China. They had 98 cases in total, which is 0.0019% of its population. They acted fast, tracked every patient's moves, imposed home isolation for residents returning from China, stopped Chinese tourism all together and in 3 weeks what seemed like rapid spread slowed down considerably.

Oregon has identified 3 cases, but there is no reason to panic. If you feel it all seems too much at the moment ask your budtender to recommend a good edible to chill your brain a bit. While it is true we all need to be aware and take simple precautions, buying into the non-stop media reporting can be maddening. With this said, please remember that any social media claim saying that THC and CBD could be a cure for coronavirus is absolutely ridiculous, there is no evidence of this and there is certainly no science supporting the hoax statements.

Note: Numbers are changing fast please keep an eye on the CDC website and follow their guidance. Or check out this live map from CNA

Dirty Money

There is nothing dirtier than bills.

They pass from hand to hand, they are full of germs and in general, they are disgusting. We hate to do this to you, but here is an article on how often traces of cocaine and poo are found in THAT dollar bill that sits in your wallet.

Naturally, we advocate for a #CASHLESS world and if you want to skip the bills too, download WAAVE before your next dispensary visit. Handle no cash, use only your phone. One less thing to worry about! So for all germophobes out there, #WAAVE4it Get WAAVE Now

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