Chimichanga ... Mexican street food, done right...

Chimichanga ... Mexican street food, done right...


Once in awhile we love to go incognito and visit a WAAVE venue to experience what out users experience when they are out there having fun... Yesterday we headed to Chimichanga.

Chimichanga is nestle in the center of Dunlop Street, the street itself has blossomed since the Insurgence Group dared to open shop (and office!) here. What used to be a pretty typical street in Little India is now more hipster-y with more food options and cute cafes.

Among them, Chimichanga stands tall as a pioneer for the area.

We sat inside (super hot night!) and took in the atmosphere. A DJ was playing music and being all smiles while the staff approached us immediately with a menu. "We are WAAVE-ing" we said and her reply was AWESOME! ...We love her already

The walls have been left bare with posters of past events covering uneven spots, great design and vibe... We sighted some pineapples in the decor and if you know WAAVE you know we are into that island feeling... and lots of pineapples.

Ok it all looks nice, but can they cook?

We dived deep into their dinner menu to discover lots of fresh ingredients and tangy flavors.

Taco, Taco, Taco... Yeap they are good.

The Salt Pork Tinga Tacos taste exactly the same as they would on the streets of Cabo, great texture, lovely flavour a very well interpreted classic.

The Carne Asada Tacos were spot on, the meat was tender and the seasoning really enhanced the roasted notes.

While we prefer non- fried dishes, The Borracho Fish Tacos were light and battered to perfection. The name "borracho" means drunk, hinting to a beautiful beer batter.

Next of the menu was the Quesadilla, we went for the Chicken Chipotle just to keep things interesting, the chipotle was not overpowering and this dish was a hit.

The last dish, and we were pretty full by now, was a sweet dream Marshmallow and Nutella Chimichanga... Not a traditional dish, but that chimichanga is a fluffy pillow of goodness that and we licked the plate at the end of the meal!

Margaritas por favor!

2 Margaritas is always better than 1 Margarita!

Monday is the day to indulge in Margaritas at Chimichanga... We also here there is an amazing Lobster Dinner, we'll update you on that very soon

Chimichanga comes highly recommended by The WAAVE Team... and if you order with the App you get 10% off your entire bill.

Nos vemos para cenar?


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