Every moment is a fresh beginning! NEW on WAAVE

Every moment is a fresh beginning! NEW on WAAVE

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

We welcome new members of the WAAVE family on a weekly basis... And some of the fresh faces you'll see are SO good looking.

Gallery & Co. is our new favourite work-from-a-cafe spot of ALL. Amazing food and a seriously great cup of coffee (they have their own signature blend and a real Italian bar-style coffee machine) plus craft beers and yummy cakes... All in the proximity of a gift shop that makes you want to spend your life savings on art and arty-farty trinkets, t-shirts, gadgets and books. PLUS an outdoor seating area with possibly the best view in Singapore. Yes, we know, we're gushing. But just go, alright? Inside the National Gallery of Singapore, we're getting you some serious time and effort saving perks, plus an automatic, free coffee every time you get 10. If you work near City Hall, this is your spot!

Soak up the peaceful, inspiring atmosphere, check out some art, or have a glass of wine or three outside after work or on the weekend. Don't say we never told you!

Healthy lunch bowls in a hurry, without the rush! Order from Urban Mix for take away 15 mins ahead of time, and your order will be ready, waiting, and paid for.

YOUR choice, no pre-selections made for you, no pre-selected time frame... All the freedom and convenience in the world - at no extra cost!

Coming soon to a Mohamed Ali Lane near you!!! Right beside Club Street, you'll find this delightful brewery serving everyone's favourite Australian craft beer. Little Creatures have always been friends of ours, and now that they have their own bricks & mortar shop, you can handily order with WAAVE for priority service.

In case you hadn't heard - WAAVE and Camp Kilo have been friends for a little while!! Snag a table and order from the comfort of your seat with your phone, enter your table number and your order goes in FIRST, before anyone standing in line. Table service at CKCC!? That's right! Order food & drinks as many times as you like, and the team will run it on over as soon as it's good and smokey.

If you haven't been to Pandora's Garden yet, WHAT are you WAITING FOR?

We already wrote a whole blog about this delightful open-air (but covered), classy little picnic/garden-esque spot with all the rose in the world (or to be more specific, the largest selection in Singapore).

BKK Bistro Bar is a Vietnamese-Thai bistro that prides itself in serving with fresh home made ingredients and herbs. You can order with WAAVE at the Prawning ponds! Or have a seat under the stars and catch the fragrant whiffs of fresh herbs grown right beside the diners' tables. WAAVE while you prawn - this is indeed a first!

Feel more than welcome to reach out to us (on Facebook, in person, by email, carrier pigeon, smoke signals, or the live chat on our website) with venues you want to WAAVE at. Don't be shy! We're all friends here ;-)

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