How smart is your lunch app Singapore?

How smart is your lunch app?

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

We all have a handful of apps that we use every day, and most likely you're now exploring all the deals and discounts you can get around town - using a bunch of apps that are all about savings.... But how smart is your lunch app?

Here are 5 reasons why WAAVE is the smartest ORDERING app on your phone!

5. Loyalty matters. It's good to belong!
So many ways to save, you'll never run out of options.

WAAVE venues give you all sorts of rewards when you come back again & again.

- Loyalty Cards: Completely digitalised loyalty cards. So you don't have to worry about forgetting or losing silly cards to chop. WAAVE guarantees you'll always get your stamp, and the staff doesn't need to get involved either!

- Memberships: Regulars get more benefits and you don't need a membership card to enjoy them! Did you know that Freehouse gives you 10% off when you're a familiar face? Or that Club Meatballs has Happy Hour all day long for you?

- Drink Cards: Get a drink card and guarantee yourself the cheapest drinks at your favourite bar, no matter when you visit. A great example is The Brightside's Drink Card. Check it out... $7 drinks all day, every day!

- WAAVE Vouchers: There are $3 off vouchers waiting for you all over town! Over $400 worth of free money for every WAAVE user... Are you really not WAAVE-ing yet?

That means you can have a $3 - $6 lunch every day of the week - and without paying a monthly subscription ;-) Think of these as little gifts from Team WAAVE to you. We have a few more coming soon... We're working on new ways to get you the best rewards!

4. Order WHATEVER you want, pay HOWEVER you want

Order with WAAVE and Pay however you want!

If you have Apple Pay or Google Pay it will take you the best part of 3 minutes to download, register and place your first order. We love how easy it is and so will you!

You can also pick your favourite credit card and link it to your WAAVE profile - don't worry, your WAAVE spending qualifies as F&B (if your card gives you extra rewards for spending at bars and restaurants). We also let you pay with PayPal and very soon you will be able to link your PayLah! wallet to WAAVE!

WAAVE gives your the option top up in advance. If you do, you will get an even better price on every order. WAAVE is all about the ordering, so go ahead - WAAVE and pay however you prefer...

We don't lock on a deal for the same old meal every day, nor you have to stick to a small menu of options. WAAVE is all about convenience ... and OPTIONS!

3. Service types - One size does not fit all!
Bar Pick Up | Table Service | Takeaway

The beauty of WAAVE is that you get BETTER SERVICE. What's the point of going cashless if you don't save time and reduce the frustration of waiting around for menus, and food and staff and bills! WAAVE gives you more solutions to fit every situation.

MRT > Work... But. First. Coffee.

WAAVE Takeaway is awesome for your coffee rush. You can order 15 minutes ahead of time and when you get there your order will be ready to collect.

BUNDT by The Backyard Bakers: This tiny coffee shop dishes out the best coffees, hot a iced and their regulars ware all about WAAVE-ing cause no one wants to be late for work!

When you order lunch in advance with WAAVE the app alerts you when your food is ready to be collected. Urban Mix runs on WAAVE and you can completely avoid the huge line the have every day of the week. Collecting is a breeze. Head straight to the pick up point cause you have already paid! Let everyone else mess around with their QR Codes!

So, it's 6.30 pm, you're still stuck in the office, all your friends are at Club Meatballs and you can't see the end of this report your boss asked for... Order your Gin & Tonic (you know you need it) with WAAVE and select Bar Pick Up. By the time you get there, your drink will be on the counter waiting for you. Now you can join your friends' table and don't bother with joining a tab!

Pick up at the bar is the mode we use at events all over Singapore so if you are heading to Kult Kafe, Intermission, Ice Cream Sundays or any of the BLACKOUT Agency parties, please have your app ready. Organisers love cashless - they can serve you faster without cash management dramas.

WAAVE table service is one of our favourites, because you can use it at lunch at a packed CBD restaurant or you can use it after office hours when you want to join a table of drinking friends and not have to join their bill!

So if you're heading to a hot lunch spot like Miss G and it's so busy you can barely find a table... but there's no staff in sight, don't get frustrated. #WAAVE4it

You'll see a sticker with a table number. All you have to do is order from your phone! Include your table number and they will bring you your lunch first. Your order reaches the kitchen while others are still waiting to see the menu!

This type of service is also great for going out with friends - you never open a bill, there is nothing to split at the end, and you can leave whenever you are done! Just say goodbye to the lovely staff as good manners!

Another Round | Reorder your usuals | Share things with friends

2. Super Smart Features

Favourites: WAAVE not only remembers your previous orders, it also displays them based on time of the day. So if you go to your usual place in the morning you will see your Double shot soy latte - extra hot, but at night, your favourite will be Vodka Soda Lime - Tall glass - No straw. We know you like to customise your orders, and they usually don't change much... why do it twice?

Another Round: Are you the kind of person who orders the same drink all night? We are! That is why we added an "Another round" button to your cart... One click, another drink!

Send a drink or credits: Happy Birthday to YOU!!!! Share your WAAVE location with friends on FB and they will be able to send you a gift from anywhere in the world, from their computer, without even having to download the app.

The most expensive gift ever sent on WAAVE: a $750 bottle of champagne from London... are your friends that good to you? See how it works.

Priority Service is real with WAAVE

1. Priority Service Everywhere

Let's play a game... We both go to Sum Yi Tai (and we're using this example because, not only is it our latest fully integrated venue, but they also have impeccable service) - I order with WAAVE and you order with the staff, at the same time, the same items... Guess who gets served first? I do!

The reason is simple. By the time the staff goes back to their register and types in your order... my food request has already reached the kitchen and the chef is on it!

We don't want to play this race with you, so you should WAAVE too! How about getting your order in, before that table of 15 talking to the waiter?! Yeah, not a bad idea if you're hungry!

BONUS Reason: Tickets on WAAVE!

We know that you do more than eating and drinking :)

You like to go to concerts, pop up markets, parties and festivals...

During the weekends, we turn WAAVE into the most powerful, hardware-free, wristband-free, no top-up required, no-queuing-required party machine, and all you need to do is bring your phone!

You can even buy your tickets on WAAVE, in app or on the web ticket portal.

Check out current parties...

This is where your journey to faster service and more rewards starts...

Download WAAVE and explore all the good stuff you have been missing!

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