How to WAAVE in Singapore

How to WAAVE in Singapore

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

Get faster and better service!

WAAVE is accepted all over Singapore. It saves you time and money at bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and events ... even pop-up markets! Currently, WAAVE is available at over 120 venues in Singapore, with new restaurants and bars sprouting up and being added to WAAVE every day. In addition, there are loads of events happening that are waiting to be explored.

WAAVE-ing is easy and intuitive:

  1. Find venues and events near you and explore their menus.

  2. Tap to add items to your cart.

  3. Show your transaction to the bartender or staff and get your order.

Smart: The more you use it the smarter it gets. From pairing your drinks with the right food or suggesting events.

Fast: Never wait to order. Just check the menu, choose what you like and add it to your cart. You can pick up your order at the bar or have it delivered to your table by the staff.

Social: You can send drinks, money or restaurant items to your friends who are using WAAVE and enjoy promo codes for everyone you invite to WAAVE!

At the hottest events: Buy tickets for the hottest events in Singapore on our ticket portal and enjoy faster service at the spot while ordering with WAAVE.

Secure: While ordering and paying with WAAVE, you don’t have to be afraid of forgetting your card at the bar or getting any extra charges. WAAVE complies to industry standards and many behind the scene procedures to make sure users are protected.

So, if you don’t have WAAVE yet, don't waste time -- it only takes 3 minutes from download to start ordering and paying!

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