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How to WAAVEPay and why should you.

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

This QR Code driven payment option is gonna change the way you think about rewards and dispensary visits. Super easy to use and it doesn't cost you a penny.

Ever walked into a dispensary and realized too late that you need to hit the ATM? How about those ATM fees? Painful! and what do you get for all this trouble? Not a single thing, cause you still have to login into an iPad if you want any reward whatsoever... Is giving your info away worth the reward?

Let WAAVE give you solutions and answers to all your questions.

WAAVE is here

Asia is big on mobile payments and there is a reason for this, they are safe and secured, they are smooth and convenient and it allows you to retain 100% control of your information. Until now America has not seen a useful payment alternative to credit cards or Apple pay / Google pay.

WAAVE is an app that was created in Singapore and is now live in the USA, it will help you make transactions at cash-only vendors and most importantly it will give you more rewards than you have ever been given before without having to sacrifice your personal information.

Our top feature: WAAVEPay

Imagine you are at the counter and the staff tells you the bill is $45 you can hit the ATM and get HIT by those awful fees or you can use the camera on your phone to pay with WAAVEPay!

1. Point your camera to the QR Code on the counter, it will open WAAVEPay for that specific merchant

You can open WAAVEPay with your phone's camera or you can search the merchant list for the venue you are at to pay on the spot

2. Enter the amount you need to pay

3. Tap on CONTINUE to review your cart

4. Tap & Hold to PAY

Red means your are ready to PAY. We have an extra safety mechanism so you don't place orders accidentally. Tap and Hold the red button to pay

5. Show the screen to the staff for verification, they need to enter a PIN on your phone.

GREEN means you are ready to get your goodies! Show your phone to the staff and they will close the transaction on your phone with a PIN

That is it, #NoCashNoProblem

Here are some pro tips to keep in mindt
  • If you don't have WAAVE yet, it will take you no time to set up an account ON THE SPOT. Other apps require you do the set up at home, WAAVE will have you shopping in under 5 minutes. The app is available on iOS and Android.

  • You can Top-Up WAAVE credits in advance, these credits can be used at any WAAVE merchant. If you do this, you will never pay a convenience fee with the app

  • Ask your budtender for their Store Code. Redeem the store code (More > Promotions) and you will get free credits on us. You'll be able to use them on your very first order!

  • WAAVE has a "Share The App Program" that gives you $3 for every friend who uses your promo code (as long as they are a new user) They will get $3 too... The app is new in the US so imagine all the WAAVE credits you can rack up if you have loads of friends! (Go to More > Promotions and share your code away)

  • WAAVE CASHBACK - Everyone's favorite reward, every transaction on WAAVE gives you cashback to be used on your next visit to that merchant. Wanna know more? Read our cashback blog post here. Want to POWER UP your cashback? Top Up WAAVE credits with your best cashback credit card and double up on rewards!

  • We have over 5 different ways to reward you for your loyalty... read about our Digital Loyalty Stamps

WAAVEPay is just one of the many awesome features we offer, go ahead and explore how else WAAVE can improve your experience at your favorite merchants.

Have questions? Let us know here...

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