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Move over edibles, drinkables are here

A new trend hits the market and we shine the spotlight on Humboldt Apothecary

It took a while but the drinkables market is booming. With hemp and cannabis-infused drinks popping up everywhere you go some brands are really putting an effort to differentiate from the sea of liquids available to consumers today.

The industry is projecting a $1B dollars market in the next two years with THC drinks now available at almost every dispensary and CBD drinks being sold at supermarkets, bars, and convenience stores.

Making drinkables is a complicated process and requires lots of R&D simply because of the nature of cannabis, much like any oil it does not mix with water easily! This is why they were slow to hit the market, you need a lot of investment to produce a good product.

Some well-known names are jumping on the drinkable wagon, Mike Tyson is the personality behind Dwiik, a CBD infused flavored water, Arizona Iced Tea is stocking the shelves with a branded CBD iced tea and some of the BIG alcohol producers are looking at releasing new products for this market. This is a logical move as Cannabis increases and naturally threatens to take a chunk of their market.

Today, we want to shine a spotlight on a small company that has ingeniously created a line of products that can completely change the way you chill and sleep but also the way you party.

Humboldt Apothecary produces a line of tinctures that mix cannabis with herbs to give users brand new drinkable experience.

These products are produced in California and are not yet available in Oregon, yet they have created a brand that has lots of buzz for their unique approach to their liquid formulations.

Their Botanical Blends address issues like insomnia, anxiety, and lack of concentration. For example, Blues Away is a balanced formula of THC and CBD that lifts up your mood throughout the day while Deep Sleep is a THC only formula that promises a more restful night

Early this year we caught up with the gorgeous Susan Sarandon, a well-known cannabis advocate who told us that "She would rather have her kids using cannabis than drinking alcohol"

This sentiment is voiced by many progressive moms out there. On this note, Humboldt Apothecary has come up with a very cool alternative to enjoying a good party, and it requires ZERO alcohol!

Tincture Mocktails! This notion really captured our imagination. The idea of enjoying refreshing drinks without alcohol (and the calories!) and getting a healthy feel-good relaxed sensation seemed too good to be true, but it is not and Humboldt has a long list of recipes for you to try.

So the next time you get together with your girlfriends try this Uplifting CBD grapefruit tonic and ditch the next day's hangover.

Like WAAVE, Humboldt Apothecary is a women-led company. We can't wait to see these tinctures sold in Oregon and perhaps even available through WAAVE... Loyalty program anyone?

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